There Is No Rule Book

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Business Coaching

Nobody gets to ‘Great’ all by themselves

We believe everyone needs a good coach sometime. Nobody, not even the best athletes in the world,  ever do it alone. They continue to be coached. A coach who knows what they want and helps them get what they want. A confidant. Someone they trust with their careers. Part counselor,  part minister, part mirror. We have the experience and the skills to be your coach. All you have to do is make a call and schedule a complimentary pre-coaching call. You never know- it could be one of the best things you do in your professional life.


Running a business today can be overwhelming

You created a business from scratch, you bought one or bought in with someone. You have to manage a group of people, hire new employees, (a seemingly constant issue), attract new customers, keep the ones you have, make sure the money is coming in and the insurance/taxes are filed and the bills are paid (or hire someone to do it). You have to keep up with the latest and best technology has to offer your profession and you have to do it all while trying to spend time with your family and have a hobby or two to relax.

How do you make all those decisions by yourself?

What if you had someone to “coach” you through the challenges, opportunities and frustrations that may wake you up in the middle of the night or keep you from sleeping in the first place?

The One-on-One Leadership Coaching Program could be right for you.

The Five Engines

Your business is only as strong as it’s weakest link. If your business has a strong team and has a steady flow of customers but you can’t seem collect the money your accounts payable owes you or your office systems seem to change from day to day and customer to customer- your entire business is at risk of being as good as the lowest common denominator. The Leadership Coaching Program will accurately look at all the engines and together, with coaching, raise the level of that engine to meet the others- expanding your profit margins along with it.

Contact us for your complimentary coaching call at 816.405.1318. Let’s talk about what your goals are, what your values are and the needs you have as the leader of your business right this minute. Spend some time on the phone to see if we can’t help you right off the bat.

Everything good that ever happened to you started with a conversation


Blair Kolkoski, Business Coach, Speaker

Blair Kolkoski has been coaching entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals for over 25 years. He does it because he is a master at it. He is a master at it because he gets results- consistently. He creates a safe environment for his coaching clients where it’s OK to not know everything. Blair gets to the heart of why you are in business, what drives you, what you want. His ability to ask questions and listen is unmatched.


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