There Is No Rule Book

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Blair Kolkoski is an executive business coach and speaker from Kansas City, MO

Blair Kolkoski, Business Coach, Speaker

Blair Kolkoski is a Business Performance Coach who helps small and midsized businesses align their core values with their intended business model while creating profit. He coaches business owners by facilitating the process that improves both personal and business performance. Blair has spent over two decades working with hundreds of business owners to improve their bottom line (net profitability) while increasing customer satisfaction.

Blair has spent his entire professional life studying the elite businesses and business practices and the leadership that guides them. His personal mission is to help individuals take personal ownership of their future. He has studied and worked with many of the greatest minds in business, communication, leadership, and behavioral change. He believes that your business can be a ‘dojo’….. A place to practice, learn and grow.

Blair is an Eagle Scout and he enjoys aviation, backpacking, fly fishing, international expeditions, live music, yoga, scuba diving, and most of all spending time with his wife Catherine, and their children Bryce, Breezy, and Brielle.


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