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You were designed for brilliance

Posted by thereisnorulebook on December 2, 2012

Have you ever experienced a moment of clarity when you finally realized that you have the ability to access the answer to a question you have been puzzling over for a long time?  All of a sudden you experienced a “moment of brilliance” and you realized you have the capacity to “see the answer clearly”.   That moment you discover you have the gift of solving a challenging problem or a difficult question. Before that moment you believed this was a gift others had. You now realize you also have this gift and you can access it because you were designed for brilliance!

Designed for brillianceOnce we cease judging what we believe our brain can or can’t do , we free it to be able to operate the way it was designed to operate and magic happens! We have all had moments where we have tapped into the nature and power of our true self and felt like we were rubbing shoulders with other great minds (Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Disraeli, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Helen Keller, Mozart).

Our brain follows the same principles and operates following the same science as our muscles. Each time we have the faith and confidence to take on a new challenge (one we don’t think we are ready for) we stretch and push beyond our limits to create a new boundary with regards to what we think we are capable of accomplishing. People you meet that are alive, and vibrant  constantly and intentionally put themselves in a position or opportunity to achieve something beyond what they think they were able to accomplish.

James Lipton hosts a show called “Inside the Actors Studio.” At the end of the show he always asks the same question to each one of the actors. Why did you accept this particular script for that role in the movie? The answer is always the same… because that role scared me and it put me out of my comfort zone. Actors understand that accepting a role that they have already done is not going to allow them to grow in their profession. By intentionally doing something beyond our present belief of what we believe is possible it extends our possibilities for future accomplishments.

The reason we get lost and lose our ability to be inspired by life is because we consistently go back to what we already know. The ability to move into the unknown is an attribute that high performers and high achievers practice. This experience of having an intuitive confidence to lean into the unknown is sometimes referred to as “Rare Air.” It is only referred to this by those that have not experienced it. Those that have experienced the ability of tapping into their “True Nature” realize it can be accessed by all who decide to go after it.

You were designed for brilliance and you first need to believe that. Take a chance. Who knows you just might like it, and you just might find yourself not struggling with yourself so much. Test it. When you start thinking about moving forward by operating more often by- Ready, Fire, Aim- and don’t allow yourself to continue to be stuck with Ready-  Aim- Fire (with this strategy you will never get the plane out of the hanger). Trust who you were created to be. You might surprise yourself and others with your deep brilliance.


One Response to “You were designed for brilliance”

  1. laurajoaz said

    Great post! It came at a perfect time for me as I start a new job. Keep writng – you truly have a gift!

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